The 2017 update to avian conservation assessment scores is now available!

The Partners in Flight (PIF) Species Assessment Database is now the Avian Conservation Assessment Database! Whereas the Species Assessment Database contained information only on landbirds in Canada, USA and Mexico, the Avian Conservation Assessment Database contains assessment data for all North American birds from Canada to Panama.

The Avian Conservation Assessment Database is the repository for biological information used and generated by the PIF Species Assessment Process, a peer-reviewed, scientific methodology for analyzing, evaluating, and categorizing information related to the conservation of birds. The assessment scores can be viewed online, or the database can be downloaded in its entirety to be used in any number of ways. Check out the latest scores and make sure to download the updated Handbook on Species Assessment.

PIF provides two scales of species assessments: global and regional. PIF uses Bird Conservation Regions (BCRs) as the geographic scale for regional assessments in the U.S. and Canada, but other geographic strata are used in Mexico and Central America. Note that currently only breeding avifauna are assessed in the regional (i.e., BCR-level) database. We hope to add non- breeding avifauna to the regional assessments in the next iteration of this database. We hope to add Hawaiian and Caribbean species to the database in the near future.

Citing the database:
To cite the database please use the format below, updating the date on which you accessed the data.

Partners in Flight. 2017. Avian Conservation Assessment Database, version 2017. Available at http://pif.birdconservancy.org/ACAD. Accessed on <date>.

Support the PIF Avian Conservation Assessment Database!

This database is maintained through voluntary contributions from numerous organizations and agencies. Please consider supporting future updates to the database by making a contribution to Bird Conservancy of the Rockies.

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